The fishing rod licence application con

Next up: The Bevis family decided to sell rod licence application assistance on their website (note: the site has been taken down. However, for a while after the scam was discovered it redirected to eBay, giving them affiliate revenue instead!).

The scam is in short as follows: The family set up a website using the Environment Agency’s official rod licence logo without their knowledge or permission. The image gave an official look and feel to the site making visitors believe that they were paying for an official service. Then the Bevis family used this appearance to sell rod licences and charging an extra £14 on top of the regular fee for ‘checking’ the application, thereby bumping the price up from £27 to £41. All this in small print.

The Environment Agency’s official response to this scam:

“- We do not endorse this service. We are not associated with the website;

– Anglers can just as easily buy a licence on-line at Environment Agency – Fishing and without paying an additional administration fee;

– Anglers can also buy their licence over the counter at their local Post Office branch, by phoning 0844 800 5386 or by direct debit;

– The personal and financial data supplied to us is secure.

– An angler can go fishing immediately after completing the transaction process with us

– We are writing to the website owners to request that they remove the rod licence image, which we have not given them permission to use.”

To keep this con separated from their title schemes the Bevis family used the following company details:

Universal Check Services
Office 1, 26 Cleveland Road,
South Woodford,
E18 2AN

This ‘company’ is not registered with Companies House. (This seems to be a common modus operandi for the Bevises: They set up a couple of official companies and then a number of shadow entities that appear to be companies at a cursory glance but that are really just mailbox addresses.)

However, according to another post in the same thread, ‘Universal Check Services’ is run by Quality Design (CI) Limited, a Bevis controlled company.

We quote from a post on page 2 of the thread:

“Internet investigation by me using the Data Protection registration number quoted by the fraudulent website (Z2497964) reveals that the ‘company’ behind it is indeed called Universal Check Services, of Office 1, 26 Cleveland Road, South Woodford, London, E18 2AN. This also aligns with what is on the Information Commissioner’s Office register, but this also states that the Data Controller is QUALITY DESIGN (CI) LIMITED whose address is PO Box 140, GG, Alderney GY9 3HA, Guernsey (Note: a GY9 postcode indicates Alderney). Some further searching turns up a now defunct web site stating that Quality Design (CI) Limited is registered in Alderney as Company Number 1712.

The people behind Quality Design (CI) Limited are a Dr. Peter Bevis (full name believed to be Peter John Robert Bevis) and his daughter Laura Miriam Bevis. Peter Bevis, a former academic biologist within the Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York is a Director of Lochaber Highland Estates Ltd. which sells very small plots of land in Scotland on the basis that the new owners can then call themselves a ‘Laird’. Dr. Bevis is either married to or partnered with a Helen McGregor, apparently a former barrister with the Crown Prosecution Service whose legal advice is no doubt invaluable in ensuring that the risk of the family’s activities resulting in prosecution is minimal. There is also another daughter, a Catherine H. Bevis. These people appear to use the following two addresses:

The Retreat,
Tulloch Farm,
Tulloch by Roy Bridge,
Inverness-shire PH31 4AR
Tel 01397 732 336
Website for holiday lettings:

Grosnez House,
St. Anne,
Tel: 01481 823939″


“Incidentally I now believe that the Doctor’s home, as opposed to business address is in fact:

La Trigale Cottage,
La Trigale,

Establishing this really did take some doing however…”

You can read more about this scam and its victims in the full thread on the Maggotdrowners fishing forum.

To our knowledge the Bevis family have not commented on these accusations, neither officially nor through one of their many aliases on forums and blogs all across the web. Most likely the fact that they do not deny any of it speaks for itself?



3 thoughts on “The fishing rod licence application con

  1. Latest address for Peter Bevis & Helen Helen McGregor is I believe

    Peter Bevis
    Wells House
    Longis Common
    Channel Islands
    GY9 3YB
    Tel: ***

    Posted by EagleEye | November 22, 2012, 1:32 pm
  2. I was recently tricked by a website called into paying commission fees on top of the price of rodlicences. The fees are extortionate and completely disproportionate to the ‘service’ provided.

    Posted by David Olufemi | February 9, 2014, 7:22 am
  3. Hi, I thought you might be interested in further developments on the rod licence administration fees matter. A new website has appeared. This one has the words ‘environment agency’ in it. On it the site is revealed to indeed, feature an icon that takes you to the environment agency. Before that icon, though, going left to right, is one that leads to being charged commissions. Obviously a high proportion of people will tap on this on, ensuring a continuing stream of revenue to the people operating the site. As before, Google displays this site as top pick.

    That written, this spring the magazine Flyfishing and Flytying did an article warning anglers about overcharging rod licence websites. I believe, but cannot at the moment find the references, that this year the curbing of these overcharging but ‘legal’ websites has been discussed in Parliament, and there has also been at least one article in a national newspaper

    Posted by David Olufemi | May 9, 2014, 10:01 am

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