The copyright infringement tactics

When the Bevis family see a website they do not like, they use either one of two tactics, or both:

1) Submit a complaint to the web host (typically a copyright infringement or cease & desist notice)

2) Clone the website and give it a different content

A while back received a copyright infringement notice concerning the image of Highland Titles’ “coat of arms”. We quote: “We have had to remove the image of the Laird of Glencoe coat of arms as according to them we were breaching copyright laws by using an image produced and owned by” (at the bottom of this page).

In a recent turn of events, the same thing has happened to – only this time Highland Titles, aka Glencoe Estates, are trying to take down the entire site, going after the subdomain name itself, claiming that the “site is passing off as associated with Lochaber Highland Estates by its choice of name and by its use in the text of words”. Read the full story here. To quote the blogger, this is ‘a bit rich’, coming from a company which thrives on copyright infringement.

We trust that if push comes to shove, will have already backed up their entire site and will be ready to re-launch on another suitable platform immediately, with a new SEO-optimised name, such as,, etc. The opportunities are endless.



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