We have already discussed Highland Titles’ unhealthy obsession with John Alexander Duncan of Sketraw, an obsession which has previously lead them to register his title as a trade mark. Please allow us to repeat that: they have actually registered his personal title as a trade mark.

Now check out this website: The domain is publicly registered to 8 St Annes House in Alderney, i.e. Highland Titles’ official address, so there can be no doubt that they are behind it, even to the most unsuspecting of minds. currently purports to provide web hosting services. Could this somehow be related to Highland Titles’ previous unsuccessful application for “ESTA”, a web hosting related trade mark?

None of the links on the website works so the site is clearly not up and running, but on the other hand the domain was renewed for another year on 22 September, so apparently the Bevis family still have plans for it.

An interesting piece of information from the domain’s murky past may be found here (see the comment made on 6 April). Apparently, the domain was previously used to spread libel and defamation about members of the scots-titles forum. Unfortunately, that is no surprise to us.

However, we are rather confounded by the fact that is set up to look like the home of a web hosting company (“Sketraw hosting” according to the copyright notice). Can the Bevis family really be planning to start a completely legitimate business – without any scamming or scheming? No, knowing them there must be a more plausible explanation.

We’d be happy to receive tips by anyone who can solve the conundrum.



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