The River Spean fishing scam

The Bevis family have eagerly advocated the added benefit of being able to fish in the river Spean if you buy their laird title.

However, as is evident from Michael Wade’s Scotsman article, the locals are very well aware that mature salmon cannot be caught in this river due to geological restrictions. The only fish that can be found is juvenile salmon, which is protected by law.

It is disturbing to see that Peter Bevis encourages salmon fishing in the river Spean knowing full well that the juvenile fish should be protected. Mr Bevis cannot claim ignorance of this fact, since his response apparently was: “I did not set out to mislead.” Well, if you did not set out to mislead, then why did you advertise it for several years? Read the full article about this in The Free Library here.

This is a snapshot of Lochaber Highland Estates’ website from 2007 where they advertise Fishing Rights (let the way back machine work for a few seconds before the image appears).

And here is a screen capture from 2008: Country Club Membership. According to their old website the River Spean “is famed mainly for salmon and sea trout” (just not from the area where they peddle fishing rights), and they would like to sell you an additional Lochaber Country Club (another of their companies, but they don’t mention that) membership, which “provides you with full fishing rights over a mile of the River Spean, including the rights to fish for (non-existent) trout and salmon”. Sounds like a bargain for £9.99 per year eh?



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