– from cattle to battle

First of all we would like to extend our thanks to our observant readership who keep sending us tips about new Bevis plots and schemes. We had no idea of the extent of these schemes and scams and we keep adding new content as fast as we can.

Today we thought we would share how the website has recently received a complete makeover. Until a few days ago it was fronted by Helen McGregor advertising the Bevis family’s “Luxury self-catering holidays on a working farm” (screenshot here). Whilst a self-catering working holiday on a farm is not our idea of luxury, we commend their innovative skills when it comes to turning their Tulloch Farm into a money machine.

However, now the charming rural images of animals and farmhouses have been replaced by a simple wordpress site singing the praises of Peter Bevis himself. The heading displays an impressive array of titles: PhD BSc MIBiol CBiol FZS (so many titles, yet so much to learn) and then the text goes on to introduce Dr Bevis: “After a distinguished career in research, resulting in hundreds of publications and lectures on a variety of topics, Dr Bevis retired from academia to concentrate on his first passion, Scotland.” Every sentence from then on starts by ‘Dr Bevis’. You can read the rest of the panegyric wording here if you care to. Obviously, Peter Bevis has made use of a less than successful business site to try to battle the unfavourable reviews of Highland Titles and the Bevis family emerging all across the web.



10 thoughts on “ – from cattle to battle

  1. Interesting that the page title of that self congratulatory (I was going to say self masturbatory but that would be naughty) piece is – “Peter Bevis, Philanthropist, Conservationist, BiologistPeter Bevis | Biographical Notes”

    Philanthropist? Hold on, I thought the modern use of that word indicated someone who gives really very large donations to what they consider worthwhile causes.Seems all that has happened in Bevis’ case, is that members of the public have bought Peter Bevis & Co a commercial forestry plantation, I don’t see anything philanthropic about that!

    Interesting that it isn’t pointed out on any Highland Titles websites that 57% of the land is commercial forest, presumably planted with the aid of government grants, and probably worth a fair bit when felled or sold.

    Which further demolishes the idea that the land was bought to save it from being built on. What developer in their right mind is going to stick a development in a commercial forest? When that lot is felled the disruption will be very significant and the whole place will look like a bomb site for many years. You’d never be able to sell property for a profit in what will become a work site with heavy machinery in operation, and look like something from the battle of the Somme for a very long time to come.

    Posted by Eric | September 2, 2012, 5:42 pm
  2. Careful scrutiny of Bevis’ qualifications shows a BSc in Biology followed by a PhD in Zoology (most probably as he hadn’t the faintest idea what to do at the end of his degree), which makes the MIBiol and CBiol almost automatic (supposing of course one has joined the society as most undergraduates are encouraged to do); then there is the mysterious FZS – Fellow of just which Zoological Society is unclear – he certainly is not in the list of Fellows of Zoological Society of London! and if it is the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, why didn’t he put it clearly? ***

    Bevis then makes a miraculous move from zoology to cell biology in bio-medical settings – *** – and claims an Assistant Professorship of Medicine and Geriatrics at the Mt Sinai Hospital in New York ***

    Of his *** publications, I have not managed to find a single first author paper (nor Final author) meaning that he only got on the publication because he worked in a lab involved in the research. Thus, having discovered that there is no money in academia or research, Bevis turned his hand to scamming, aided by his lawyer wife, who keeps them just the right side of the law.

    Therefore, given that the “good” Dr Bevis no longer works in biology (has he even kept up his subscription to the Society of Biology?), his postnominal titles would seem to indicate a large amount of personal insecurity (justly warranted in his case).

    *This comment has been moderated. Reason: Removal of possibly injurious speculation.*

    Posted by Piet B S Jerver | September 6, 2012, 3:52 pm
  3. Mr Peter Bevis of Highland Titles claims on his bio at to have got his biology degree from London University? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m not sure that ever existed. There is a University of London but I can’t find references to any universities called London University. It would be very unusual for an ex student to not correctly name the university he / she attended.

    Can anybody confirm that there was actually a London University in 1976 and that Biology degrees were on offer there.

    Posted by Fran | September 21, 2012, 2:03 pm
    • This comment has been approved with reservations. We have also had to moderate a previous comment along the same lines. Unless there is proof – or at least some substantiation – please avoid possibly injurious speculation about Peter Bevis’s academic credentials.

      This website is intended as an information site for the public and we would, as far as possible, prefer for it to be regarded as reliable. We believe it will be more effective that way – and such speculation detracts from that. However, if you – or anyone else – can in any way substantiate that his degrees are false, feel free to submit comments to this effect and we will publish them.

      PS – to clarify – Mr Jerver’s comment above about not being able to find a single first author paper (nor Final author) by Peter Bevis, is the sort of information that we can publish without hesitation.

      Posted by Scambusters | September 21, 2012, 2:33 pm
    • He did his PhD at Bedford College (originally a Women’s College) which was made a constituent school of the University of London and became fully co-ed in the 1960s. It later merged with Royal Holloway to form the present Royal Holloway and New Bedford College of the University of London. I have no doubts that he holds a University of London PhD. On other points, I do have doubts.

      I apologise to Scambusters for my earlier speculative comments and thank them for their considerate editing.

      Posted by Piet B S Jerver | September 25, 2012, 5:14 pm
  4. I apologise to Dr Bevis – I finally did find a first author paper (from 1990) among the 28 in which he features: hardly the 100s he claims, however. There is no evidence that he has taken part in any further scientific work since his last (et al. of which he is one) paper in 2003 and one must wonder why he is so keen to continue his MBiol CBiol and FZS, when I think it may be hard to fulfil the CPD requirements of the Society of Biology.

    Posted by Piet B S Jerver | October 8, 2012, 8:41 pm
  5. Dr Bevis, it appears is due congratulations as he now styles himself “Professor” – this would appear, if at all valid, to refer to his time as Associate Professor at Mount Sinai – a post he left some 8 years ago.

    He has on now clarified which Zoological Society he belonged to (The Zoological Society of London) of which he is not currently a member and thus should not be using FZS after his name.

    As I queried above, MIBiol and CBiol are, in light of the above information, probably equally outdated, especially that of CBiol, which requires regular CPD submissions.

    To quote Professor Bevis from his attack on Mr Graham (a moderator on Scotstitles website), “The use of bogus post-nominal initials marks Robin out as very insecure.” Surely a case of pot calling the kettle black, Mr Bevis.

    Posted by Piet B S Jerver | December 3, 2012, 2:13 pm
  6. As I correctly surmised above, Bevis has now confirmed (on that he uses the honorific “professor” on the grounds that he was an Associate Professor at Mount Sinai,

    But as Bevis knows perfectly well, the position of Associate Professor in the US is equivalent to plain “university lecturer” in the UK and, thus, gives no right to the use of “professor”. He has, in order to try and divert attention from his vanity and insecurity, again attacked Mr Graham’s title and use of post-nominal qualifications.

    So it’s back to his favourite tactic: throw enough muck at others and maybe, just maybe, they’ll forget about me.

    *Approved with reservations. Let’s not speculate in vanity and personal insecurity. (Moderator).*

    Posted by Piet B S Jerver | December 4, 2012, 2:14 pm

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