Forging Identities – Stealing Other People’s Identities

Less perhaps innocent than their dubious practice of renaming land to something more exclusive, is Highland Titles’ modus operandi of assuming other people’s identities in order to abuse them.

We have already mentioned the Order of the Black Ermine eBay scam, where they pretended to be Richard Holland.

A more recent, and more disturbing, example is that they have stolen the identity of the real Laird of Sketraw, John Alexander Duncan of Sketraw, using it to ridicule and shame him on various forums, blogs and websites all across the Internet. This campaign started when John Duncan started the website scots-titles, which is highly critical of the many lairdship schemes and particularly Highland Titles’ business practices. All of a sudden the ‘Laird of Sketraw’ started showing up on Highland Titles’ own forum with a genuine photo found on the Internet, where he appeared not only to endorse but actually to applaude Highland Titles’ lairdship schemes. Innocent, perhaps you say? Well, not quite so innocent is the fact that Highland Titles have trademarked the title ‘Laird of Sketraw’ in the UK, so that the real Laird of Sketraw, John Alexander Duncan, is prevented from using it himself! What is next – will they trademark the title of his co-editor of scots-titles?

Another example is the scots-titles forum poster CaTheYowes, who has been reborn as ‘Fluffyfelix’ in Highland Titles’ own forum, also she identifiable by her real photo, allegedly having bought a half-acre site (their largest plot size) and being head over heels with their woodland manager, who is so ‘hot’. Anyone who has read posts by CaTheYowes on scots-titles will know that she would never write a supporting post on Highland Titles’ user forum. However, CaTheYowes, or Fluffyfelix, apparently joined Highland Titles’ forum already in 2008, long before the scots-titles website was established. The truth is of course that Highland Titles created their own fake supporter posts back in 2008 (the majority of the posters are probably Peter or Laura Bevis), and when they decided to go after CaTheYowes, they just used one of their existing fake identities to make it appear as if she had been a supporter of Highland Titles for ages.

The most recent example of identity theft is that other posters have started to appear on Highland Titles’ Diamond Jubilee Wood website, apparently in glowing support of their woodland scheme. The critical posters Minnimerc, Seamus A’gleann and TruBlu have all mysteriously turned up to show their support of Highland Titles, TruBlu with a surprising bout of dyslexia. Apparently Highland Titles just could not help themselves… It is surprising how childish it all seems – does anyone else see the parallell to the publication of the nude photos of the webmaster of the Maggotdrowners fishing forum?

So what is the point of all this, you might ask? Truth is, we do not know. Are these just vindictive childish games? Or do they perhaps believe that if they abuse other people’s names, they will be scared of voicing their opinion? It certainly appears to have been successful in the case of John A. Duncan, who has not been heard from in his own forum for more than a year.

Peter and Laura Bevis are believed to be posting on the forum under the following nicks: honestjo, Jake, Calluna and Florence.

As soon as you start recognising Highland Titles’ modus operandi, you will discover that they are everywhere. No scam too small, no scam too large.



5 thoughts on “Forging Identities – Stealing Other People’s Identities

  1. The most recent Bevis incarnation (though he seems to have vanished for now, like all those before him) is Kevin. If it were my site, I’d not have tolerated him for half as long!

    Posted by Piet BS Jerver | May 7, 2013, 11:52 am
  2. I found that I have been impersonated here (see final comment):

    It makes me wonder whether it is the Bevis family who are also responsible for the fake Robin Cunninghame Graham Google+ profile (now taken down) which was used to create a fake poetry page and a fake petition, and the fake William Cunninghame Graham Google+ profile which is the subject of a legal complaint.

    Posted by wrbcg | October 23, 2013, 6:36 pm
    • You’re probably right. Creating fake profiles of critics is unfortunately par for the course for the Bevis family.

      What is more surprising, perhaps, is how the recent revelations imply that Helen MacGregor, the Barrister, has been more involved in the family antics than previously assumed. What could she be thinking?

      Btw, that fake comment is just soo childish. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

      Posted by Scambusters | October 23, 2013, 8:09 pm
  3. Yes I see my name there claiming that twice a week I walk my dogs in “glencoe wood”. An amazing fact considering that in October 2011 I had my toes amputated and have been in a wheelchair ever since. I would comment on that,on the diamond jubilee page ,but I’ve a feeling it would be removed rather quickly as did my comments from the Facebook page. Does this constitute identity theft?

    Posted by jimmy the bush aka seamusagleann | November 23, 2013, 4:15 pm
  4. In response to my infrequent yet fierce caveat emptor warnings, Bevis and Cie. complained to FB that ‘Shaw of Easter Lair’ was not my real name. FB shut down my personal page and made me go through the appeal process, to no avail. I threw my GRant of Arms/Letters Patent, Scots Law on TD’s etc. but no luck.

    Posted by William G. A. Shaw of Easter Lair | February 26, 2015, 2:27 am

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