Billy the Bass – the singing fish

“”If Peter said you’ll catch fish there, he must have put tins of salmon all along the river,” says a smiling, thin-faced man, who styles himself Lord Ronald. “He’s a clever guy, you know. He made a small fortune out of the American marketing rights to Billy the Bass, the singing fish.”

(Ouote from an article in the Scotsman by journalist Mike Wade)

When confronted with this claim Peter Bevis laughs it off and says it was his wife Helen McGregor who carried out this eBay scheme while they lived in the USA. In fact, this was probably how the Bevis family got started on eBay, where they went on to make a fortune.

Billy the Bass was huge in the USA in the late 1990s and early 2000s (see Wikipedia article), and compared with the Bevis family’s many other schemes and scams this appears to be a rather harmless one. However, it does leave a foul taste when Peter Bevis later in the article brushes aside the Billy Bass scheme, claiming that “I’m neither a property speculator nor a fish salesman.” As clearly evidenced on this website, he was already then involved in property speculation (see the Bevis controlled companies list for details of his many property companies) and later went on to speculate in several fishing cons (the fishing rod application con and the River Spean fishing scam).

The Scotsman article is also notable for containing the first of many reports that it is impossible to catch fish due to geological features of the river where the Bevis family advertise fishing rights.



One thought on “Billy the Bass – the singing fish

  1. That fish had the wrong name, it should have been called “Bevis The Bass” much more appropriate 🙂

    Posted by Jeff | August 26, 2012, 7:33 pm

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