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The Bevis family’s scams and schemes

This website attempts to gather and publish as much information as possible about the various online schemes and scams undertaken by the Bevis family in Alderney. The publication is not limited to schemes and scams related to their laird title sales, but rather aims to provide a full overview of what this family has been involved with.

The goal is to increase awareness about Peter Pevis, Laura Bevis and Helen McGregor’s activities to prevent the general public from falling prey to their scams.

Description of their various schemes and scams have been added as separate pages in the menu to the far right. Please click the various links to read. To ease reading we have included references as hotlinks in the text rather than as references at the bottom.

If you have additional information or are aware of any other schemes and scams undertaken by the Bevis family, feel free to write to us in the comment boxes on the various pages. Kindly indicate whether your comment is confidential or intended for publishing. We keep adding new content. If you wish to stay updated, you may subscribe to our feed by clicking the subscribe link above.

Finally, if you have been conned by these people or know somebody that has, why not contact them to complain and demand your money is returned:

Highland Titles
York House
Victoria Street
Alderney, C.I.